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Room number 1 “The Bermuda Triangle”

  • Mr. Smith, American Millionaire chose YOU as an expert to find his lost shipment in The Bermuda Triangle.
  • You can take with You 4 Friends, to can realise his order.
  • You will receive a ship and a few tips to can find the lost plane.
  • If You will find the valuable package and the key to the door, the Millionaire will reward you…

Room number 2 „Following Sherlock Holmes”

  • A girl, student from University of Technology was kidnapped, only one detective was able to find her, but he suddenly disappeared
  • Gamers need to feel like that detective, find the clues that he had already gathered
  • The aim is to release the student, catch the kidnapper and put him into jail…
1. Choose the day from the calendar 2. System will show available dates

If you are interested in a different hours than shown – please call us

If you want to book a date for nearest 12 hours or less, it is necessary to call us: 690-253-392

3. Choose the hour you want to book from the menu on the right 4. Fill in the gaps and send the booking 5. You will receive an e-mail confirming the reservation and giving needed informations to do the bank transfer 6. While making the bank transfer remember that we need to receive money before the date of your booking Before you make a reservation, get to know about rules  

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