Who is the Logical Room for?

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Do you have goosebumps when you think about  CUBE or THE Saw?

Are you curious about mysteries like those in the films?

Now you can give yourself a try, check how will you react!

Do you enjoy watching the  Fort Boyard?

Do you want to try playing an escape game in a real life?

Do you think you can deal with it better than others?

Are you bored of going to cinema, bowling or playing computer games?

Do you want to get in an excellent mood before going to a party

Are you looking for an integration event for your workers?

Would you like to give someone a unique gift for birthday?

Are you looking for a great idea for bachelorette/stag party?

Would you like to get to know your love better in unordinary situation?

Do you like challenges and adventures?

Would you like to relax with your family, but it is too cold outside?

If you answered YES for at least one of questions above, this is the game for you!


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Zapraszamy do kontaktu -  tel. 690 253 392 (od 14:30 do 21:00)
info@logicalroom.pl, Adres: 50-336 Wrocław, ul. Chemiczna 3/3 jesteśmy gotowi do odpowiedzi na wszelkie pytania