Rules of the Logical Room game


During the game we will not scare you, this is just the fast passing time and desire to solve the riddles, that grows the level of adrenaline in your body!

  • Logical Room is a creative logical game.
  • You are supposed to arrive to our place at least 5 minutes before the game starts. A 5 minutes delay will be acceptable. After that time the clock starts counting the time.
  • Participation in the game is possible only by making a reservation online on our Internet site and after we receive your bank transfer of money.
  • You cannot walk into the room where the game takes place with bags, electronic-communication devices (mobile phones, tablets) or dangerous objects (knife, firearm, penknife etc.). But don’t worry, your belongings will be placed in a locked wardrobe, and you will keep the key.
  • In the Logical Room area it is forbidden to record any video or sound.
  • In case of  already paid, reserved date and not having appeared there is no possibility of refund (getting the money back).
  • Participation in the game is not recommended to people with claustrophobia, epilepsy, in case of mental disorders or during a mental treatment.
  • Smoking is forbidden on the whole Logical Room area
  • The only necessary thing to play is your brain, fantasy and creativity. Do not use force.
  • Participants are responsible for the assortment of a room
  • The game time is 60 minutes. If you did not manage to get out of the room during that time – the game is over and you are let out.
  •  Your play is monitored. During the game you can get help – ask for a hint (maximum 3 times).
  • People under influence of alcohol or drugs cannot participate the game
  • We recommend to take part in this game to people up 16 years old. Kids under 16 can participate only under parental control
  • A team must consist of 3 to 5 people
  • A person who makes reservation is responsible for informing the whole team about our rules.
  • If you manage to get out without any hints, in a shortest time – you will receive a surprise!
  • Rules might get changed without previous information.
  • Logical Room is a game you participate on your own risk.
  • Do you need an invoice? Please, let us know earlier.

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